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Grant ran an excellent party for our 8 year old son. He managed 12 excited and boisterous 7 and 8 year olds with a great balance of fun and firmness! The hour was packed full of games which were suited to children with a range of tennis abilities. The clubhouse was perfect for the birthday tea which we supplied and it was good to make use of the courts again afterwards. The whole thing was really good value too. We have already recommended to friends. September 2016

We have known Grant for the past two years during which time he has been a fantastic tennis coach to my daughter, husband and me. His commitment and dedication to teaching the children in his sessions is really second to none. They learn great techniques and tactics in a focused but fun environment, and their progress with Grant's instruction has been wonderful to see. He has personally made such a positive impact on my daughter and her tennis continues to go from strength to strength as a result. For us adults, Grant has not only improved my husband's tennis game, but has been very patient in teaching me as a beginner to become a better player! We cannot rate Grant highly enough as a tennis coach and would really recommend him to anyone looking to learn or improve their tennis game.


Grant Fellows is an outstanding tennis coach and motivator of young players. We have worked with a number of coaches with our three sons and Grant stands out in every way. When he was first employed at Canterbury Tennis Club in 2010, Grant established a junior development squad for a group of highly motivated young players, three mornings from 7-8.30 and one afternoon each week.

Grant’s commitment to this group was completely unexpected. He travelled half an hour by public transport and always arrived on time (even after late night viewing of the soccer world cup!).

Our 10 year old son was inspired by this and was up and out the door each morning. Grant’s legacy has been lasting.
The boys’ tennis dramatically improved during this period, as well as their self esteem and their commitment to the sport. He also worked extremely well with parents and children to develop short and long term goals, training programs to achieve these goals and tournament plans. He was greatly appreciated by many children and parents.

Unfortunately for us, the season ended too soon. However, Grant’s commitment to the kids remained. Since leaving Canterbury Tennis Club he has coached our son privately and even attended tournaments with him. He has also coached our older son who has special needs and had better results than any coach previously.

We sincerely hope that Grant is able to return to Australia to coach tennis.

Andrew and Deborah Taylor

We are delighted to write a reference letter* for Mr Grant Fellows, who coached our son, Zachary Teh (13 yo), from February 2010 to July 2010 while Grant was attached to the Canterbury TennisClub.

Zach started tennis when our family moved to Melbourne from Malaysia in 2007.Prior to that Zach did not play any tennis at all. While he fared very well as a beginner with Canterbury Club and had shown good progress after two years of training, his progress was remarkable under the tutelage of Grant, albeit being a short five months. We were devastated when Grant’s work took him to another club and we were unable to continue with him due to distance and timing mismatch.

Before Grant came into the picture, Zach was already undergoing training with two other coaches simultaneously and from our own observation, Zach begun to win more competitions and tournaments, played with a lot more confidence and generally felt good about his own achievements during the few months that he was training with Grant.

Zach was taught different methods, drills and strategies and he found Grant to be a firm, yet very caring coach. Grant accompanied Zach to a few tournaments and was continually a source of inspiration for Zach. He also provided much constructive feedback upon which Zach could build upon to sharpen his skills and improve his mental strength.

Grant was a thoroughly dedicated and committed coach who would be at the court rain or shine and in freezing conditions during winter even though he did not have his own car and had to travel quite a distance, changing mode of transport, just to be with his students. He was always the first one to arrive (at the crack of dawn) and even when the weather conditions did not allow play, he would devise other indoor training. He was flexible and resourceful and plain committed, a trait that is rarely seen in other coaches that we have come in contact with.

We believe Grant will be a valuable asset to any club that he chooses to work with and we wish him all the very best in his endeavour here in Australia.” – 19 January 2011

* this testimonial was voluntarily written and offered to Grant when we found out that
he wishes to continue to work here in Australia. His talent, skills and personality will
be invaluable to any tennis player fortunate enough to be put under his charge.

Grant is an excellent tennis coach, everyone in our family has had individual and group lessons with him and he has inspired us all to play tennis.

Our son has had lessons with Grant since age five, Grant has been very astute at getting the balance right between fun, skill and appreciating competition, not easy with young children. He has developed an absolute love for tennis in our son, who always plays with a huge smile, enjoys his wins and is a good loser.

Grant has been a real inspiration, a testament to him is that nearly six months after Grant moved clubs our son still misses him!

We wish him all the best and he will be a huge asset to his new club. Grant is also very good at kids parties, my son had his 7th birthday as a tennis party with 16 friends and they all had a fantastic time.

Julie Parents of Josh, aged 7

Grant has been such an amazing head coach here in Weybridge. He will be a hard act to follow! The tennis coaching sessions with Grant have been one of the highlights of both my children's week. They have also loved the tennis camps during the holidays.

It has been a joy as parents to see the children improve their game and grow in confidence whilst having so much fun. Grant has had such a positive affect on my children's tennis that it has encouraged me to dust off my racket and participate in the cardio-tennis sessions too!

We wish Grant every success in his new venture and would gladly recommend him to our friends in Wimbledon.

Mrs Foot, Weybridge

Grant has been tennis coach to my daughter (age 7) and son (age 4). Grant has an amazing ability to combine serious tennis with fun and play which allows the children to remain focussed throughout each lesson. We've seen that the children have really improved their technique and both are already very competent players. We're very pleased to have found Grant and found his commitment, patience and enthusiasm outstanding.

Kirsten Bromilow, Weybridge