Go to the booking system here.

Once signed up for the class you would like, we will send you the confirmation with all of the details to set up direct debit payments, the app to amend your bookings, how to join Cranleigh to become a member and the link to sign up to the Limitless newsletter to send you details to make the most of your membership. After that, you are all set and no need to do anything but enjoy playing tennis with us.

40 weeks of term time coaching. Fees spread across 12 months and 10% discount on 2 classes booked per week and 15% discount on more than 2 sessions per week. Please see examples below and the discounts will be added on all booking combinations.

1 hour per week  – £34 per month

2 hour per week – 10% discount £61.20 per month

3 hours per week – 15%discount £86.70


1.5 hour session per week – £50 per month

2x 1.5 hour sessions per week – £90 per month