Mini Tennis Orange is for players aged 8 to 9 years. It’s the next progression after Mini Tennis Red, its played with low-compression balls, smaller rackets and is played on a modified court which is longer and wider than the Mini Tennis Red court but still smaller than a full-size tennis court.

It’s just like the real game and gives players opportunities to have long rallies, play different types of shots and develop tactics.

Younger children playing within Mini Tennis Orange can improve their technique easier, develop tactics,       improve their movement and court awareness and play matches.

We also have advanced classes but are invitation only and for players ready to compete.

  • Mon                4.00-5.00pm
  • Tue                 5.00-6.00pm
  • Fri                   4.00-5.00pm
  • Sat                  11.00am-12.00pm

Block Booking £9.00 per session. Prices include VAT.