We cater for players that are playing at county level and above or those players that want to become County or National standard. We have several players on our programme that represent Surrey and are nationally ranked inside the top 150 and as high as top 20.

We are committed to providing all players with the opportunity to be the best player that they can be. Our training methods are engaging for the players and we encourage them to develop their skills with a game-based approach that allows the players to learn through real game situations they will face when playing matches. Technical and Tactical development side-by-side and never one without the other.

Grand Slam Squads

Our Mini Tennis ‘Grand Slam’ squads are for players aged 6-10 that are either at a level to regularly compete or show they have the potential to be playing tournaments and want to be on the performance pathway to national standard. The Grand Slam squads are ‘invitation only’ but if you would like your child to join our top squads please contact us for a trail class.

Pro and Tour Squads

When children progress from Mini Tennis we have our Pro and Tour squads for players aged 10-14 that are regularly competing. The squads are of a high standard and the players are challenged to improve to provide them with the best opportunity to progress to the highest level.


If you are interested in joining our performance squads please contact us and we will do all we can to help.